How Fast Does Clover Grow From Seed- 4 Steps (Quick Answers)

How fast does clover grow from seed? If the seeds are planted following all the instructions carefully, a clover seed takes two to three days to sprout. A clover is a ground cover that may be planted in place of turf grass or scattered throughout the yard to create a lush, thick lawn.

Planting clover seeds requires specific preparation. Some of them include germination time, preparation of lawn, clover seed plantation, and aftercare so that the seeds can rise efficiently.

If you want to have a clear idea about all the steps mentioned above, follow us to the end of this article.

When Does White Clover Go to Seed?

The low-growing perpetual white clover (Trifolium repens) is typically seen in lawns. It creates beautiful green paths and enriches the soil. In addition to out-competing weeds, it’s also simple to handle and generates nitrogen.

When Does White Clover Go to Seed

However, talking about the seeding time of the plant is found in the late spring, fall, or summer. So, June to September is when white clover is in bloom. Flowers are pollinated mostly by insects and by interbreeding amongst themselves in nature. After 12 days of blossoming, seeds begin to germinate, but it takes a month to completely mature.

Nevertheless, Stopping mowing for up to six weeks in mid-summer may stimulate clover seed development and local adaptability and allow natural selection to occur.

How Fast Does Clover Grow from Seed?

The optimal time to plant clover is in the spring, but fall planting is also helpful. Seedlings will have less competition in the early spring since many weeds have yet to germinate.

White clover seeds may be planted on frozen ground and germinate as the temperature warms up. No-till clover seeding can also help your pasture’s grasses grow stronger.

Germination Time

When temperatures are above 59 degrees Fahrenheit, clover germinates less than a week. Soil preparation and suitable seeding procedures affect their germination and sprouting timeframes.

If you scatter clover seeds across the soil or grass, it’ll take longer for them to sprout. And not to mention, you must have the right plant food for clover.

Lawn Preparation

If you enter the website of the University of Kentucky, clover must be grown on soils with a pH of 6.4. If mistakenly, the pH level isn’t maintained, clover won’t be able to absorb enough nutrients to develop properly.

How Fast Does Clover Grow from Seed

To avoid this inevitable disaster, send a sample of your garden’s soil to your cooperative extension office to determine your soil pH range. Based on the results, apply soil amendments.

You should add lime to the soil with a pH of less than 6.4. Sulfur must be added to alkaline soils or soils with a pH greater than 6.4.

Planting Clover Seeds

The number of clover seeds you disperse is determined by whether you want clovers to be your major ground cover or whether you want them to grow on your grass.

Minnesota University website tells us that gardeners should sow clovers at a rate of 2 to 8 oz. per 1,000 square feet. The ground cover will be your major plant if you sow eight oz. per 1,000 square feet of clovers.

Mix your clover seeds with sawdust to ensure a uniform dispersion. When clover seeds are applied in clusters, the seeds will compete with one another, slowing the establishment process.

After Care

Always keep your clover seeds wet to enhance germination. Clover seeds that are allowed to dry out have a slower germination rate or do not sprout at all.

You can start reducing your watering regimen after the seedlings have sprouted. It’s crucial to remember that you should never use the nitrogen fertilization technique on clovers.

Since these plants rely on nitrogen from the atmosphere, adding more to them will kill them.

Note: If you have deer in your home, you’d love to know how to make clover plants for deer.


How much time does clover seed take to sprout in winter?

Clover seed germination rate depends on the temperature, and the greater the temperature, the faster the sprouting rate. So, a clover seed will undoubtedly take longer than usual to grow in winter.

What type of clover is best to use instead of turf?

The most frequent variety of clover found on lawns is white clover, which is a low-growing, resilient clover species. White clover makes an excellent ground cover because it grows and spreads quickly after it has been planted.

Is it necessary to mow the clover lawn?

Clovers are easy to grow and don’t need to be mowed, yet they keep the grass green and provide a healthy habitat for bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects.


Whether the season is summer, spring, or winter, planting a clover field in your garden or backyard helps to keep the environment green, and it also looks mesmerizing.

That’s why it’ll be extra helpful if you keep the knowledge of how fast does clover grows from seed. It’d help if you also had an idea about their germination time, planting environment, and necessary fertilizers to nourish them continuously.

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