When to Use 21-7-14 Fertilizer: Know The Perfect Timing!

If you’re going to buy a 21-7-14 fertilizer, you may already know that it promotes plant growth and preserves natural color and vigor. But do you know when to use 21-7-14 fertilizer?

The best time to apply it on your lawn is from the 15th April to 7th May in spring, the 15th to 30th June in Summer, the 1st to 15th September in Fall, and the 15th November to 7th December in winter. 

However, there are many things you should consider while applying the 21-7-14 fertilizer. So, let’s dig in! 

Reasons to Use 21-7-14 Fertilizer 

When you notice the slow growth of new plants, using 21-7-14 fertilizer can be a perfect pick. Additionally, it ensures a genuine color and adds flawless vigor to lawn grasses. 

Besides boosting the shoot growth and preserving the natural shades, it also grows denser and thicker grasses. Plus, this fertilizer develops healthy and strong root growth. 

Benefits of 21-7-14 Fertilizer

The 21-7-14 fertilizer contains 21% nitrogen, 7% phosphorus, and 14% potassium. As it has a high nitrogen level, it protects the amazing green color, and improves new plant growth, vigor, and color. 

When to Use 21-7-14 Fertilizer

On the other hand, phosphorus is best for promoting root development and making it stronger. Potassium provides healthy nutrients that improve plant strength and keeps your grasses powerful and dense at the same time. 

In addition to that, it has 12% sulfur to nurture protein metabolism  and also energizes enzymes and vitamins that improve plant growth.

Best Time to Use 21-7-14 Fertilizer 

When it comes to using the 21-7-14 fertilizer, you should use it in spring, early summer, or winter. Following this timeframe to apply this fertilizer will preserve the authentic gradients of grasses and ensure healthier growth. 

Spring 15th April to 7 May
Fall1st – 15th September
Winter 15th November to 7th December 
Summer 15th – 30th of June

Steps of Using 21-7-14 Fertilizer 

The most crucial part of fertilizing the plants is the application process and it’s quite tough to find the utmost method. Fret not, I’m here to help you with the easiest method. Let’s get started. 

Step 1: Assemble the Tools 

Tools can vary with what you’re going to fertilize. For example, I applied it on houseplants with a mini garden shovel spade and turf lawns with a broadcast granular spreader. You can also use a drop spreader. 

Step-2: Application Method

Take 10 pounds of 21-7-14 fertilizer on the spreader to cover 1000 sq. feet and spread it on your lawn. Water the coverage area after 10 minutes to let the soil and grasses soak the fertilizer better.  

3 Safety Tips for Using 21-7-14 Fertilizer 

As fertilizers are formulated with organic nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, it’s quite essential to maintain some tips and tricks while applying the fertilizer and regular care. Here are a few you should follow.

  1. Put on a protective mask and eyeglasses to avoid irritation. 
  2. Prepare the liquid fertilizer mix in a good-quality water tank. 
  3. Wash your clothes after applying the fertilizer.


How long should I wait to water the plants after using 21-7-14 fertilizer?

If you’re using granular fertilizer, you should water the plants right after applying fertilizer. But when you use liquid fertilizer, wait until the area dries and then you can water the plants.

Is 21-7-14 fertilizer safe for seedlings?

You can apply it on seedlings, but it can damage the growth if you over-fertilize it. And it’s quite critical to use the perfect quantity on seedlings. Additionally, it has been made for young plants, mature trees, and grasses. So, you should avoid using 21-7-14 fertilizer on seedlings.

How often should I use 21-7-14 fertilizer?

It’s necessary to use 21-7-14 fertilizer every 6 to 8 weeks during the spring to fall. But before every application, I recommend observing the soil quality and plant growth to utilize the fertilizer better.


With a high nitrogen level, enriched potassium and balanced phosphorus level, this fertilizer speed up the growth of lawn grasses.  

The most amazing part of this fertilizer is you can apply it all season, from spring to winter. As you’ve learned when to use 21-7-14 fertilizer, get ready to grow dense and healthy grasses on your lawn. 

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