Can I Apply GrubEx and Fertilizer At The Same Time?

Grubs are a menace, no doubt about that. Using grub control is one way to control these nuisances. When using grub controls like Grubex, we often see people asking this question, can I apply GrubEx and fertilizer at the same time? 

Well, ideally, you shouldn’t apply them at the same time. GrubEx and fertilizer are two different things that serve different purposes. Unless you have no other option left, you shouldn’t apply them at the same time.

However, there are more things to consider when you are dealing with GrubEx and Fertilizer at the same time. I’ve explained further details about this topic in detail.


What is GrubEx?

Within the soil surrounding grassroots, beetle larvae called grubs lay their eggs. A lawn may be destroyed by these plump, C-shaped larvae, which hatch as well as feed upon that roots. These grubs make their living by consuming the roots of your grass, which will ultimately destroy your lawn.

GrubEx is a specially formulated granular insecticide manufactured by the well-known Scotts Company that’s intended to kill the larvae of various beetle species, fly larvae, and caterpillars. GrubEx is available in a variety of formulations. Unlike other fertilizers, GrubEx doesn’t include fertilizer.

Can I Apply Grubex And Fertilizer at the Same Time

Grubs may wreak havoc on your grass in just one season if left unchecked. Fortunately, GrubEx seems to be a powerful potent, and simple-to-use instrument in the battle against these Japanese beetle grubs that anybody can use.

Can I Apply GrubEx and Fertilizer At The Same Time?

On the Scotts Company website, it says that pre-emergent herbicides, as well as other pesticides, should not be sprayed at about the same time as GrubEx. Instead, only straight fertilizer should be used.

Since the site makes no mention of combining GrubEx with regular fertilizer, it’s possible that using just one of these products at a time is the best option.

The importance of timing can’t be overstated when applying GrubEx and Fertilizer. Herbicides, which are used to kill weeds, are also included in certain fertilizers. You wouldn’t have to delay a certain amount of time after spraying GrubEx to the lawn before applying a regular fertilizer.

However, you should probably wait 1 week and then apply a combined weed-and-feed management product, and 2 weeks is preferable after using GrubEx.

Can GrubEx Kill Live Grubs?

Grubs are the larval forms of insects, including moths and beetles. They reside at the grassroots level and feed on these roots’ nutrients. Chelantraniliprole, the active component in GrubEx, reduces grub infestation by killing developing larvae and interrupting the gestation period of such insects. 

 So, the answer is yes. GrubEx can actually kill live Grubs.

When Should You Apply GrubEx and Fertilizer?

Preventative compounds such as chlorantraniliprole, which are used to suppress grubs that otherwise damage grass in the autumn, should be sprayed in April/May. Applying it in July would slow the process for the chemical to migrate to the location during this period.

So, early spring to mid-summer, while grub growth in grasses will be at its peak, is the ideal time to use GrubEx.

You should fertilize the grass at 55 ℉ in April when soil temperatures are rising.

Once the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees, you’ll know that the flowers will begin to bloom, and your grass will regrow.

You must keep your lawn properly fertilized with an additional balanced nutritional plan to avoid weak, spotty, and brittle grass. For additional nutritional support, you can opt for good fertilizer spikes.

What Should You Use First? GrubEx or Fertilizer?

What Should You Use First? GrubEx or Fertilizer?

Straight fertilizer may be used immediately after GrubEx has been sprayed on your grass. After using GrubEx, you should probably wait around 1 week, preferably two weeks, before using a weed-and-feed-controlling product.

Benefits of GrubEx and Fertilizer

Both excels quite a good number of benefits. Here are they:

Benefits of GrubEx

Don’t let grubs destroy your grass! A simple grub treatment may stop grubs all season.GrubEx may help you keep Japanese Beetle populations at bay by using it regularly.

  • It’ll protect your grass for four months without any issue
  • The main ingredient in GrubEx, chlorantraniliprole, is a very potent comprehensive insecticide that may be ingested as well as sprayed.
  • Alongside Grubs, GrubEx will also exterminate a broad range of other bug species

Benefits of Fertilizer

  • These three main minerals (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) serve as the foundation for most lawn fertilizers formulations. Grasses need these minerals for their growth.
  •  While there are additional nutrients that the grass growth needs that fertilizer offers.
  • It’s necessary that the right fertilizers are used, as fertilizers are necessary for securing the health and growth of your lawn grass.

If you ask me, I would recommend Gold Leaf fertilizer for your lawn. Since Gold Leaf could be used to substitute two-part fertilizers, or perhaps even three-part fertilizers in certain cases.


What is the turnaround time for GrubEx?

You should note that GrubEx doesn’t function by killing grubs. GrubEx only stops eggs from developing, which means that it is effective once eggs are found. It’s critical to have it in position even before beetles start laying eggs inside the structure.

When can you plant seeds after using a grub killer?

If you had to remove the grass as a result of extensive damage caused by the grubs, then you should choose to plant the grass seed within a week of the grub treatments.
I’d suggest waiting until the new grasses emerge before continuing. If you just needed to restore a few sq ft of contaminated lawn, you may simply add a surface layer of grass or reseed the grass to make it seem better.

Are a pesticide and a fertilizer the same thing?

Fertilizers, which are available in both dry as well as liquid forms, provide the plant only with the nutrients that it requires.
On the other hand, pesticides are used in vegetation to eliminate, prevent, or manage pests such as insects and various diseases. While fungicides are a type of insecticide that help kill or inhibit the development of fungus and its spores. You could apply fungicide equally on the grass to control fungus growth.

Do herbs need fertilizer?

When it comes to fertilizing the garden, you don’t have to be as strict with herbs as you’d be with other plants. Even in a pot, they’ll benefit from just a feeding now and again. But still, you can opt for some good fertilizer for herbs to make your herbs thrive.


Many insects attack turfgrass, however, many are hidden underneath, eating plant roots. Such pests are usually moth or grub larvae. The insecticide GrubEx kills these Japanese larvae, although the timing of its application with specific nutrients is critical.

Nevertheless, many of my readers wanted to know the answer to this question -“Can I apply Grubex and Fertilizer at the same time?” I hope my answer helped them. In my opinion, the best decision would be to apply them separately, but if you have to apply them simultaneously, make sure to check the ingredients first.

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